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re: EPGP and You!

I'm going to make a informative post about how our DKP (EPGP) system works. I've gotten a few questions and 1 or 2 complaints about changing priority and such during a raid and some other things. So, lets get started.

Addons you need

What is Priority and how do you calculate it?

Priority is what you get from dividing your EP by your GP. Your priority is what we use to see who has won a piece of gear, not EP or GP by themselves.

What is EP?

EP stands for Effort Points, and currently you get these from 3 things in this guild.

1. Weekly Farming.
2. Timed Attendance (every 15 mins during a raid 25 EP's are given out to everyone in the raid and on standby)
3. Boss Kills (Every boss that is killed, everyone in the raid earns 50 EP. First time boss kills generally give out at the least double the points)
4. Bonus EP may occasionally be given out to attending raid members at the discretion of the raid leader.

What is GP?

GP stands for Gear Points, and you accumulate these every time you win a piece of gear. We have a calculator on the front page that will tell you what a piece of gear is worth as long as you know what slot type it is, what quality it is, and what item level it is.

What is Decay?

Decay is basically a measure to prevent hoarding of extreme amounts of EP, and to make it so new members actually have a chance of catching up to everyone else for gear. Currently, 10% of your totals are taken out each week (a chunk of both EP and GP) while keeping your Priority as much the same as possible. The more even your GP is compared to your EP, the less impact decay will be on you. The more EP you have compared to GP will have a greater impact on you. Remember, your Priority will still stay the same (thats the number we use to determine who gets gear), but when decay happens your pool of EP and GP will decrease.

Decay also sets up very soft cap of points you can ever have, based on the amount of EP earned each week, because we usually average a set amount of EP earned a week.

For example, lets say you have a total of 15,000 EP, in order to keep that total when the weekly decay happens, you have to earn at least 1500 EP each week (10% of your EP)

The same, however, is true of your GP, but since GP can widely differ from week to week (based on the amount of gear you get) giving a example is harder. But the higher your GP value is, the faster it will go down during weekly decay, and the easier you will get your priority back up.

This is also good for new people, as they will, in essence, earn EP and GP faster at 0 EP and GP then at 10,000 EP or GP, but like everyone else, their accumulation of EP and GP will slow down as they earn points.


Q. My Priority was higher then someone elses at the start of the raid,but they were able to get a piece of gear I wanted before I could, what happended?

A. The amount of GP you have is higher then the other persons amount of GP compared to both of your amounts of total EP. Even though you both accumulate EP at the same rate, when you divide his EP by his GP, he has a higher priority. Calculations are done every time EP or GP is awarded. So real time.

Q. So does this mean I will always have this amount of EP and GP throughout the expansion?

A. No, usually, every new raiding tier we reset everyone's dkp. We also tend to wait until a new raiding teir to make any new changes to our DKP system, if there is need, such as increasing the amount of EP earned every 15 mins.

Q. I have other questions, what do I do?

A. Ask me them in game or here.

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